Commercial Diver

He is the person who practices underwater diving professionally under the surface of the water at small, medium and large depths with special diving equipment, having undergone special training in this type of diving.

According to the law in force in our country for the underwater diving operations of G.K.L 10 sheet number 978 of 1995 . defines the rules, levels, qualifications and training one must have to obtain a professional diver’s license.

If you want to become a commercial diver,  the POPEYE DIVING CENTER undertakes to train you at the level you want and to issue you a license to practice to put you in the area with underwater work.

If you are already a commercial diver he  can evaluate you and upgrade you through some training programs.

If you wish we can help you find a job or include you in the staff of our diving crew and become a member of the UNDERWATER CONTRACTOR TEAM .


Commercial Diver Courses