Level 2

Started on 30 May 2021

Commercial Diver L2

This course is the second level to deepen one’s training in commercial diving and underwater works. With the completion of this course you will be able to work in fish farms and diving crews and companies as a commercial diver.

What the course includes:

  • Emergency response training
  • Training in first aid
  • Training in 100% oxygen supply for diving emergencies
  • Training in research and object retrieval
  • training in deep diving level from 30 to 50 meters
  • Repetitive diving and decompression diving training using a diving computer
  • Training in the use of decompression mixtures
  • Training in the use of Nitrox mixtures
  • Training in the use of Full Face Mask
  • Training in the execution of various diving tasks such as cleaning and inspection of ship reefs, cutting and welding of metals, assembly, etc.


Course duration:

  • About 18 days


To participate in the course you need:

  • Be a Commercial Diver L1
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a health certificate stating that you will be able to practice the profession of commercial diver
  • 4 color photos