Exploration Trimix Wreck Diver L5

Started on 29 September 2023

ANDI Exploration Trimix Wreck Diver is the most chalenging training available. It prepares the diver for wreck diving without limitations on penetration, depth, configuration, deco runtime. The usual limits limits are on Oxygen and Nitrogen partial pressure. The training includes many skills and specific knowledge to support the practical part of the course.

What the course includes;

  • At least 12 hours theory
  • 6 dives

Diving Depth:

  • Min credit depth 50m
  • Max course depth 80m
  • Certification depth no limit

To participte in the course you need: 

  • Be an Exploration Trimix Diver
  • Be a Wreck Diver / Cavern Diver
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Medical certificate of diving ability

You can be certified by: