Technical Sidemount Diver L3

Started on 30 May 2021

ANDI Technical Sidemount Diver advances at the previous learned skills, but allowes 3 cylinders in order to have a decompression gas available on top of the SafeAir bottom gas. The maximum deco runtime increases to 30 minutes.

What the course includes;

  • At least 16 hours theory
  • 8 dives

Diving Depth:

  • Min credit depth 21m
  • Max course depth 38m
  • Certification depth 40m

To participte in the course you need: 

  • Be an Advanced Open Water diver
  • Be a SafeAir Diver or equivalent
  • At least 50 logged dives
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Medical certificate of diving ability

You can be certified by: